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The battery or batteries used to supply 12-volts to the RV itself are commonly called house or golf car batteries. The "House" batteries in an RV are deep cycle batteries. Starting batteries like automotive and marine batteries should not be used in your RV.

True deep cycle batteries have thicker and stronger plates and are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged repeatedly. Modern Battery Solutions specializes in maintaining and reconditioning the more complex deep cycle battery.

Even though these batteries are robust in their design and construction, they require proper care and maintenance to ensure they will work better for you and last longer.

Let's face it, the longer your RV batteries last the more money you save on new battery replacements.

The life expectancy of your RV batteries depends on you. How they’re used, how well they’re maintained, how they’re discharged, how they’re re-charged, and how they are stored.


All of these factors contribute to a batteries life span. One important factor to battery life is how deep the battery is cycled each time.

If the battery is discharged to 20 percent everyday, it will last twice as long as it would if it is cycled to 30 or 40 percent. You don’t want to completely discharge the battery before recharging it because sulfation develops more rapidly on the plates of a discharged battery.

Therefore, the life expectancy of your RV batteries depend on how soon and with what charging method they are recharged. The sooner your batteries are recharged the better. Using one of our battery pulse chargers on a regular basis, especially when the RV is not in service, keeps sulfation build-up down to a minimum and adds life and power your RV batteries.


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