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Modern Battery Solutions is a golf cart battery reconditioning service company, a golf cart battery supplier and a golf cart maintenance company all in one. Our clients range from the leading global golf car manufacturer, public and private golf courses, municipalities, churches, schools, and individual golf cart owners in senior citizen communities.

The technology built into the battery reconditioning systems we use in our golf cart battery reconditioning services, supply to our golf course clients and industrial supply chain clients, originated as the battery reconditioning systems used by the US Military and the Department of Defense. This technology resolved the issue of sulfation endemic to the lead acid battery and drastically reduced costs on both labor and new battery replacements. The cost savings for battery consumers has reached far into millions of dollars saved each year.

We are in business to help our customers make their batteries work better and last longer. Our successful process, supply of premium products, and dedication to customer care, keeps our clients dedicated to giving us their repeat business. Our clients use Modern Battery Solutions as their #1 referral for new battery purchases, battery reconditioning services and battery maintenance supplies.

The batteries we sell were engineered specifically to meet and/or exceed the standards of the leading brand of deep cycle golf cart batteries. The price of our golf cart batteries are matched for our current economy and our most valued senior citizen communities here in southern California.

Please look through our website for products, services and information. Call us direct with any questions you have, and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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Modern Battery Solutions for Golf Courses,
Warehouses and Municipalities

Modern battery management can significantly reduce the cost of operations by incorporating a customized preventative maintenance program designed and proven to extend useful battery life and reduce vehicle down-time.

Routine maintenance times are reduced from hours to minutes at a golf course, or at a distribution center by simply employing our diagnostic process, with our proven automated battery analyzers and specialized battery reconditioning equipment.

Proven to work fast and effectively by industry leaders in the golf and material handling sectors, and by the US Military and Department of Defense.

Take charge of your battery maintenance with Modern Battery Solutions and reduce the frequency of new battery purchases.



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